The Chestnut Street Singers



In the long, snowy winter of 2010, a handful of Philadelphia choral singers decided that they needed more from the local music scene. Hoping for an ensemble featuring challenging repertoire, cooperative musicianship, and innovative programming, they decided to take matters into their own capable hands and founded Chestnut Street Singers.

Based in Center City, Chestnut Street Singers is a cooperative chamber choir committed to active engagement with musical traditions and their evolution. We are dedicated to presenting polished, engaging performances while still being able to sip wine with our audience.

The Chestnut Street Singers

The Same Stream is a professional choir conducted by James Jordan. At the core of The Same Stream is a shared experience of music making in Westminster Choir College's Williamson Voices with Jordan. In 2015, this community of singers formed to follow the dotted line of extrapolation and to answer the question, "What now?"

The Same Stream has recorded and performed the music of Dan Forrest, Paul Mealor, Thomas LaVoy, Peter Relph, Kile Smith, and yours truly. 

The Same Stream Choir