Doris & Jenny

libretto by Rick Beck

written for ENA Ensemble’s 2019: Serial Opera Project

Soprano & Mezzo Soprano.

Flute, Violin, Viola.



Doris and Jenny pass the idle hours trapped in their apartment building’s elevator gossiping about their neighbors.

Event Pages for August 6, 2019 Premiere:

Philadelphia Free Library

More on ENA ensemble and the Serial Opera Project


ENA Ensemble’s new Serial Opera project is a multi-month performance of a new chamber opera. Each month, the next scene will be premiered, along with solo and chamber music performances by ENA Ensemble’s players. The opera, with a premise by the award-winning author and librettist Aleksandar Hut-Kono, follows the drama, comedy, and terror of people stuck in an elevator. Each following month, the scene will feature a new librettist/composer team, as well as new instrumentation and singers. Doris & Jenny is the final installment in ENA’s Serial Opera project.


  • 9/19-21/2019

    • More information coming soon!

  • 8/6/2019 (premiere)

    • Lauren Adja Tian, conductor; Joowon Chae, Jenny; Rebecca Roy, Doris; Chelsea Meynig, flute; Veronica Jurkiewicz, violin; Jenny Boorum, viola.

    • Parkway Central Library - Philadelphia, PA

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